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Marketing Services

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  • And more…

Customer Engagement Services

  • Reactivate dead leads
  • Get more referrals
  • Strategic follow-up campaigns

Consulting Services

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Who We Work With:

Real Estate Agency’s, Home Builders, Remodeling Companies and Municipalities 

Work With A Team That Understands Key Performance Indicators, Marketing, Sales, And Conversion.

“We Help Our Customers, Get More Customers”



“David was very helpful with my vision. He worked diligently to make sure our project finished in a timely manner and he was great about communicating. I’m very pleased with David and recommend his services.”

~Jackie Hammer


“David is an expert at unconventional marketing using very targeted markets.”

~Randall Soules




“We were skeptical at best about the marketing methods David proposed to increase sales but David was referred by a good friend so we decided to take a leap of faith and give his methods a try. The results are still amazing us, our sales have improved and we couldn’t be happier.”

~Wade Dyar


How We’re Different…

Marketing Trifecta:

Rather than trying to yell louder or run “cute” ads in an already overcrowded and noisy marketplace, our strategy is to reach the right prospect with the right message and is based on 3 factors we call the “Marketing Trifecta”

  1. Compel – Will get your best prospects to identify themselves and want more from you.
  2. Educate – On why your product or service is a good fit, and a better solution than your competitors.
  3. Motivate – Get them to pay you Money for your product or service.

This method effectively eliminates competition and sets you apart from every other business in your field, making you the one people want to do business with …even if your prices are higher than anyone else.

Automated Behavioral Dynamic Follow-Up:

Studies show that only 10% of sales people follow up more than three times with their prospects, yet 80% of sales require between five and ten follow-ups.

We fix this by automating follow-up, creating a consistent, systematized process, saving you time and making you money.

And, our systems are designed to follow-up with your prospects based on exactly what they are interested in, speeding up the sales cycle and creating a better, happier customer experience.